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Today I am here with all my passion and skills to help you to get the most artistic results for your recordings, mixes and productions.
After starting with music productions at my temporary workplace in Den Haag I moved to Amsterdam and set up my own Studio there.
In the summer of 2012 I graduated as producer & sound engineer from the Royal Conservatory of the Netherlands. On 12-12-12, the Unofficial International Soundcheck Day, I started my own company Power Supply Records.
In 2007 I was accepted to the Art of Sound department of the Royal Conservatory of the Netherlands to study Music Production.
There I met Attie Bauw who worked with bands like Judas Priest, Fight and the Scorpions and he soon became my biggest influence. It has been such an inspiring experience to learn the art of recording from the man who has been the producer of my childhood heroes.
I was born in the historical city of Istanbul in 1986.
As the picture shows, I fell in love with music at a very early age. After discovering Rock and Metal before my teens, I decided to become a part of the crime.

I spent my teenage years playing electric guitar for several Rock and Metal bands while studying classical guitar as main subject in school. That combination helped me to develop my taste and skills for a wide variety of music.

„A great recording can only be achieved by a great performance.

My goal as a producer is to provide the artists with the perfect circumstances to achieve their best performance and to be as creative as possible.

The essential part of my production philosophy is that I consider recording and mixing as one whole thing. It is crucial for me that the artists I work with get inspired by the sound I'm creating from the very beginning while we are recording in the studio. So my approach is to record and mix at the same time.

In today's music business we have to deal with all kinds of limitations like budget, time or gear. I consider these limitations as an opportunity to turn them into a resource for creativity and a source of inspiration.

Apart from all the technical details, I believe that the secret of an artistic recording is to capture the atmosphere, spirit and energy of the moment. These are the elements which, in my view, make a piece of music or a recording special.“

- Ozan

the setup of my studio is based on 3 core principles:


Although the main elements of the production have to be planned very well,
I am still an improviser. Once we are inspired by a creative idea for the recording,
time passing by because of preparation is our biggest enemy.
The spirit and energy of the ideas must be captured immediately,
or there's a big chance that they are gone forever.

To avoid that, I arranged my equipment to support
an extremely quick set up. I will be ready before you are ready.
That way we have more room for being creative
and spontaneous.

High Quality

Equipment are just tools and I agree that
it’s very important that they have a certain
standard. In my studio I have top-notch quality
gear which are perfect for recording vocals, electric
and acoustic guitars, bass, strings, keys, piano and
much more.

So I don’t have to worry about the equipment at all. I know
if something has to be improved in the recording process,
it’s never the equipment, it’s the performance itself.
Because I can totally rely on the quality of my tools,
I am able to focus on the performance of the
artists and help them to achieve their best.
This is the point where I can apply
my skills and vision to the project
and take it to an artistic level.


Monitoring is the most important factor
in a studio. The Focal SM9 speakers are great
tools to reveal all the details of music. They help us
to judge very critically and make artistic decisions
for the production.

Without detailed hearing every recording and mix is just a
guess so I paid the highest attention to monitoring and
room acoustics in my studio. This way I make sure
that my productions always translate well
in other listening systems.


When you hire me as a Producer / Recording & Mixing Engineer all the studiotime is included.
So you are only paying for the project. Every project is different, so giving a general priceindication is not possible.

For a price quotation please contact me.

Equipment list:

My Ears and Brain Cells
  • Focal SM9 Speakers
  • Protools 10 - HD Native Thunderbolt
  • Avid HD OMNI
  • Chandler TG2 EMI Special Edition Preamps
  • Roll Music Folcrom Summing Mixer
  • JoeMeek VC3Q Preamp/Compressor/EQ
  • McDSP & Soundtoys & Waves & Oxford Plugins
  • Kemper Profiling Amplifier
  • Marshall Haze 40 Amplifier
  • 2 x Peluso 2247 SE Microphones
  • 2 x Shure Sm57 Microphones
  • 2 x Shure Sm58 Microphones
  • KRK ERGO Room Correction System
  • Hemingway Hammer Weighted 88 Keys Midi Controller & Piano
  • Synthogy IVORY II American Concert Grand D
  • M-Audio 64 keys MIDI Controller

  • 2001 Fender Texas Special Fat Stratocaster (made in USA)
  • 1990 ESP Stratocaster (handmade in JAPAN)
  • 2003 Jose Ramirez 2E Nylon String (Handmade in Spain)
  • All kinds of guitar pedals, percussions, theremins, synths

I work closely with top equipment providers and rental companies. If you wish to use any specific gear for your recordings, such as a Vintage Telefunken u47 or a Vintage Marshall Blues Breaker, I'm able to provide these equipment for very affordable prices via my connections. But let me convince you that we actually don't need any additional gear for achieving that sound you're desiring.

Please contact me if you have further questions or demands.
Talkback. “Everybody must have an Ozan Esen. Ozan, you are the man!”
Emre Gumusoglu, Composer and Guitarplayer, Istanbul

“Ozan is a perfectionist but in a good way.
He makes sure that the best results are achieved.”

Anne Wouterlood, Singer-Songwriter, Amsterdam

“Ozan is a very hard worker, he loves to take all the effort to get the best results.
He lets you feel at home, is patiently and has a good vision on arrangements. Also he can really boost the band's performance and really knows when they had their best take.”

Stijn Hoes, Singer & Songwriter / Musical Theatre Performer, Utrecht

Ozan Esen
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